Quality enter­tainment plays such an important roll in any wedding, birthday party or corporate function.
To create a truly memorable experience for you we make a huge effort in the following areas:


Our friendly team are profes­sional experienced, mature and outgoing. We dress appro­priately for your occasion and we’re highly trained in our craft. We know the right music to play at the right time considering many factors including the type of event and age variances. We play for your event, not our personal preference as so many others do.


No home made speakers or dodgy lighting here… We only use the latest technology profes­sional JBL sound systems for deep base and crystal clear sound. Our LED lighting is heat free and completely safe while flooding the dance floor with hundreds of colour combi­nations. It adds ambience, atmosphere and is fun for everyone.


Over the last 20 years we’ve attended thousands of events in every location and circum­stance you can imagine. We have a loads of experience to offer to ensure your event is fun, successful and remembered for all the right reasons.


You’ll find us easy to deal with friendly, reliable and extremely punctual. This is not a hobby for us, we’re a profes­sional business 100% committed to exceeding your expec­tations

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