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Q1. How would you rate the overall quality of Valley DJ service?(Required)
Q2. How satisfied were you with the song selection played during your event?(Required)
Q3. Did the DJ meet your expectations in terms of professionalism and presentation?(Required)
Q4. Were special requests for songs or genres accommodated to your satisfaction?(Required)
Q5. How well did the DJ engage with the audience and encourage participation?(Required)
Q6. Did the DJ adhere to the agreed-upon schedule and timeline for the event?(Required)
Q7. Did the DJ effectively transition between songs and maintain a smooth flow of music throughout the event?(Required)
Q8. Did the DJ interact well with you and your guests? Were they responsive to requests and announcements?(Required)
Q9. Did the DJ follow any specific instructions given to them regarding the event's atmosphere or music preferences?(Required)
Q10. How well did the DJ handle technical aspects such as sound quality and equipment setup?(Required)
Q11. Was the volume of the music appropriate for the event and venue?(Required)
Q12. Did the DJ dress appropriately for the occasion and match the desired aesthetic?(Required)
Q13. Were any issues or concerns addressed promptly and effectively by the DJ or their team?(Required)
Q14. How likely are you to recommend this DJ service to others for future events?(Required)
Q15. How would you rate the DJ's ability to keep the dance floor engaged and energized?(Required)
Q16. Did the DJ effectively announce important points throughout the event, such as speeches or special moments?(Required)
Q17. Were you satisfied with the level of interaction and communication with the DJ before and during the event?(Required)
Q18. How would you rate the value for money in relation to the DJ service provided?(Required)
Q19. Did the DJ create the desired ambiance and atmosphere for your event?(Required)
Q20. Is there any additional feedback or suggestions you would like to provide to help us improve our DJ service?(Required)
Q21. Would you consider giving Valley DJ a 5-star Google review for their overall performance in delivering your event organizing services?(Required)